On September 15th Take time out of the School Day to Celebrate APHA Get Ready Campaign!

September 5, 2009

Celebrate Get Ready Day on Tuesday, Sept 15, 2009

The American Public Health Association invites citizens across the U.S. to join in celebrating: Get Ready Day 2009.  This Tuesday, Sept. 15, school communities are encouraged to participate in  a variety of activities  promoting wellness for themselves, their families and others.  

In keeping with the spirit of Get Ready Campaign,  Harding Charter Preparatory encourages its students and families to reflect on the many faces, places, and spaces that make up their lives and imagine the types of activities most suitable to the people with whom you celebrate life! Togehter Families and schools can encourage students  to become young leaders; guardians of community wellness.  

Many of APHA‘s Get Ready campaign events can be easily replicated . Here are some ideas on what you can do:

  • Hold an after-school community preparedness fair and invite students, parents and families.
  • Sponsor a thematic poetry event: A poetry slam-a-flu!
  • Kick off a Cleanest Cafeteria Tables Tournament  with squads,  judges and prizes! At the end of each week and monthly a prize should be awarded to the team earning the points for most hygenic cafteria practices during breakfast and both lunch periods. 
  • Come up with many more of your own very clever ideas for they are surely going to be more imaginative then the teacher taking a stab at here!

Don’t forget to think about your life beyond Harding. Consider the spaces, faces and places that make up your life.


  • Insert preparedness planning materials into your church bulletin, or post information on a bulletin board.
  • Work with a local grocery store to promote preparedness and stockpiling to shoppers through displays or fliers.


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